danuvius (danuvius) wrote,

Не знал, что Роуз в молодости был геем

Об этом в Вики: +In 1956, Rose came out as a homosexual to a close friend from college after his mother had discovered letters between him and Walter Pomeroy, Rose's friend from high school.+
Причем ссылка на опубликованные письма Роуза: +Fact number one: my mother has discovered, rather illegitimately (I shall tell you of it later) that I am homosexual; if you have not surmised the fact already, it is time you know of it. I have not quite been kicked out of the house, but I probably shall not return after September. My mother was quite hysterical, but my father persuaded her that I am only 'sick.' I have agreed to go to my friend's psychiatrist in S.F., which I was rather interested in doing for other reasons, at parental expense.+
Впрочем, монашество, по преданию, как второе крещение стирает все грехи.
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